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A Deregulated Market

Today, many Americans have no choice in which company sends their electricity bill every month. Due to the monopolies that exist in the utility industry, customers can’t choose energy plans for their usage levels, and the lack of competition can result in high prices, poor customer service, and an even worse reflection on what people want from their power company.

Thankfully in 1999, Texas’ Senate Bill 7 made changes to the state’s Public Utilities Code, allowing the deregulation of state electricity markets. Since then, many Texans have enjoyed the benefit of choice in an electricity marketplace awash with providers promising lower rates and better service. However, as options flooded the market, customers faced a wave of new choices, resulting in an analysis paralysis for those unwilling to wade through details on contract terms and product types. Over 300 unique plans exist for customers in the Houston or Dallas areas alone [1]. But thanks to our simplified customer experience, amazing customer support, and great products, we at Power Express are confident that we have the best ones.

Simplified Customer Experience

Researching and negotiating a good deal for your home’s or business’ electricity can take hours slogging through a litany of providers, asking about early termination fees, usage requirements, bill credits, bundled rates, term lengths, energy charges, etc. Power Express was ultimately built on the idea that you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes in order to pick an electricity plan –you just want the lights on and the bills low. Other companies hide their fees and charges and commonly offer free electricity or cash as an incentive, only to charge you a far higher rate at other times. At Power Express, our plans are easy to understand and free of gimmicks, loopholes, and hoops to jump through.

We understand the value of time and money, so getting a quote is incredibly easy through our website. All we need is a ZIP code and what type of building you live in – your first pet and mother’s maiden name shouldn’t be necessary to find out how much money you could save. We’ll show you the cheapest plans we offer for your residence. If you ever want to know more or need to discuss some details with an actual human, our customer support team is open to helping you find out which plans would suit you best.

Once you’re ready to sign up, just call or go online. In just 5 minutes, we’ll arrange the logistics for when and where to start providing power. Then, you can sit back and relax as we handle the rest.

Amazing Customer Support

42. It’s a special number to many people. For some, it’s their age, or the number of pushups they can do at once. Supposedly, it’s the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. At Power Express, it’s the number of seconds that an average customer waits to connect to a representative. Any company can offer cheap rates and a beautiful website, but no one can match Power Express’ fantastic customer support.

Our team is both knowledgeable and friendly. We’re able to help you with just about any power-related question you can imagine. If you’re moving and transferring services, if you want to renew your plan, or if you need help picking a plan, just call. Our customers have given us a 99% satisfaction rating, and our Customer Promise sets the record straight on just how customer-centric we are. We’ll always:

  • Be completely transparent about our prices.
  • Have timely, accurate and seamless problem resolution within 2 business days.
  • Treat every customer with respect and integrity.

We’ve stood by our Customer Promise from the first day we opened our doors, because providing an amazing customer experience is part of our DNA. If we fail, we’ll give you $30.

Great Products

As mentioned earlier, not everyone gets to pick their electricity company. Even in areas where competition exists, it’s easy to get lost in the marketing campaigns that big players conduct. We’re a smaller company that offers some of the best rates in the business – for all kinds of customers. No matter what your usage is, we probably offer a plan to suit it. Whether you live in a small apartment or a mansion, drive an electric car, or crank up the A/C for the Texas heat, our online tools and customer support can present you with the best plans suited to your usage profile. If you prefer to shop on your own, you’ll always find us on the first page among well-reviewed companies on Power to Choose.

Beyond a great price, we also offer a variety of products for you to choose from to fit your lifestyle. We offer plans with fully renewable power, plans for homes, plans for apartments, and so many more. Our customer support team can make sure we account for your preferences in sustainability, contract length, and whether you want to receive a bundled rate or not. If you’re confused by any of those terms, we’re always happy to help.

Other Perks

Our Knowledge Center is open 24/7 online if you’re ever interested in learning more about our services or your usage. There, you’ll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions covering the process for switching, how (and why) to enroll in Auto-Pay, and who to contact if you have any problems with your power. You’ll also be able to find our two cents on electricity market regulation in Austin, an explanation of month-to-month plans and TDSP Charges, and other tips regarding fraud in the marketplace.

We also can help you access and track your power usage hour-by-hour, to help you with any power-related decisions you might need to make.

Commercial Services

On top of residential services, Power Express can also service industrial and commercial applications for true power users. We still offer amazing rates and some of the best customer support, but we also throw in some other benefits for specific groups.


Creating value in your business by squeezing costs is just as important as growing your top line. Since our savvy customers understand the costs associated with powering their business, we provide customized solutions, from heat rate to MCPE products. With experience ranging from oil field services to small warehouses, we understand that each industrial customer is different and requires specialized services. For larger scale users, we offer the ability to purchase complicated products if the user can hedge a portion of their load on their own. In addition, running a 24×7 enterprise of multiple shifts. Our large customers need tailored products to match their time of use demand to their production capabilities. With our energy specialists, we are able to find you the crucial tenths of pennies that can make-or-break your bottom line.


Timing is crucial with your venue and our experienced trading desk has developed special products and services that align your business with off-peak usage periods in the power markets. Our indexing capabilities allow your business to take advantage of real-time pricing cuts without increasing unnecessary risks. Optimized thermostat scheduling, usage monitoring and cooling strategies help prolong the life of your equipment and improve your cost savings by preparing your venue for the crowd beforehand.


Property managers have multiple issues to deal with, and managing energy should not be one of them. Since office manager’s sites differ not only in size and shape, but in tenant composition, our energy consultants can work closely with you to find a solution that lowers your overall costs. Our competitive rates extend not only through the traditional fixed price product, but to more exotic indexed products. Finally, our unique business model allows you a single point of contact for all your needs and requests. So, you never have to wait on hold to get your issue resolved, or find the best practice to lower your utility bill.

Real Estate

Take control with Power Express’ management tools and easily manage meters and ensure cost controls for your apartment units and new client homes. Our flexible portal allows for automated on/off services and customized reporting for any size portfolio. Expanding your properties’ service offerings and increase capitalization rates with a revenue stream from Power Express’ marketing agreements is a breeze. We pay you when tenants use Power Express services without putting any additional burden on leasing teams.

[1]: http://www.powertochoose.org/