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TDSP Charges Centerpoint ONCOR AEP TX Central AEP TX North TNMP Sharyland Utilities Sharyland McAllen
Monthly Flat-rate Charges $5.47 $5.25 $9.00 $10.53 $8.65 $10.00 $6.74
Usage Charges (per kWh) 3.5686¢ 3.286¢ 3.9606¢ 3.7026¢ 3.2354¢ 8.174¢ 3.7821¢

What’s a TDSP?
When your home/apartment/business gets its electric bill every month, the company that sends you your bill (your electricity provider) isn’t the same company that maintains the infrastructure to get electricity from A to B. The Transmission/Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) is the company that maintains the power lines, substations, and power meters – they don’t provide the power itself. Their number one priority is to make sure that power can be sent from generators to you, and that’s why they’re in charge of getting a city back on after a hurricane or flood.

Who’s my TDSP?
That depends on where you live. You can check which TDSP area you live in by looking at CenterPoint’s page here. In general:
• CenterPoint serves the Houston area
• Oncor serves the Dallas/Ft. Worth area
• AEP North serves the Abilene area
• AEP Central serves the Corpus Christi area
• Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) serves the coastal suburbs of Houston; the northern cities of Emory, Princeton, and others; and the western cities of Sanderson, Pecos, and others.

What are TDSP charges, and how much are they?

TDSP charges are the fees associated with delivering power to your home and maintaining the existing infrastructure (poles, wires, meters, etc.). Texas’ Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulates TDSPs pretty heavily, so they can’t charge much more than the actual cost of electricity transmission. If you’re curious as to how they obtain their prices, the PUC requires every TDSP to post their formulas online, which you can find here. You can see the rates they charge to all residential customers in the table above. Many plans from electricity companies don’t markup these rates and will pass them directly along to you. Such plans are called unbundled plans. Other plans are called bundled plans because your electricity provider will pay the fees for you.

So what does my electricity provider do?
Your electricity provider is the company that sends you your bill each month. They’re the ones who actually produce the power, even though they don’t send it to you.